Deep River

A haunting album mixing gospel, electronica, and music by Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Tom Waits. With Andy Sheppard and Seb Rochford.

More spectral improvisations from the piano-saxophone partnership. MacGregor and Sheppard are both footloose souls, and this set is distinguished by some wonderfully eclectic choices, from Johnny Cash’s Spiritual to Bob Dylan’s Ring Them Bells and Tom Waits’s Georgia Lee. At its best, MacGregor’s playing has something of the stateliness of that South African master Abdullah Ibrahim.
The Sunday Times

They concentrate on the simplicity of line, purity of sound and depth of feeling in these pieces. Elsewhere, sampling, multi-tracking and other post-production manipulation are used to create a more complex and spiky textural feel. Nick Cave’s The Mercy Seat receives a more turbulent treatment, while Alabama 3’s Up Above My Head features a guitar sample from the band’s own version, and also appears as a very different re-mix by Seb Rochford, as does William and Versey Smith’s Everybody Help The Boys Come Home. Will Gregory and Matt Fairclough produced two tracks each, adding further variation to an already multifaceted project.

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