The Piano Music of Erik Satie

A very persuasive selection of Satie’s piano music showing his full stylistic range

MacGregor is musically equipped to bring out all the facets of the Satie style. She is superb in the Gymnopédies and her performance of these three evergreen miniatures is as fine as any available; her selection of the Gnossiennes is equally atmospheric. Some of the pieces chosen are new to me, but all are played with MacGregor’s customary authority. The Sports et Divertissements comes off very well indeed, with speeds noticeably swifter than Pascal Rogé. As for the less celebrated works, it would be fair to say that every one of them, however tiny, is well shaped and characterised in these performances. The wit and humour of Embryons desséchés is particularly well interpreted….this is a beautifully played and extremely enjoyable album, demonstrating the different sides of Satie’s ever-fascinating musical personality.

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