Piano World

PianoWorld is a series of story-based tutors that entice pupils into a world of piano exploration. There are colourful characters whose escapades provide the inspiration for new techniques and pieces with illustrations by the highly-acclaimed ‘Stik’, that will have children and adults chuckling with delight. Games and puzzles galore provide hours of fun at, and away from the piano, and are valuable built-in revision.

Beautifully and imaginatively written by Joanna MacGregor, these progressive pieces develop new skills gradually, reinforcing many essential techniques for young pianists such as new hand positions, slurred couplets and using the black keys.

How do you encourage children brought up on computer games and interactive CD-ROMs to settle down in front of a piano and learn how to play it?

Radically different to its “stuffy” predecessors, it’s a magical story-based tutor that uses cartoon characters, games and CDs to encourage children to study and practise.  It entices children into a world of exploration where learning is non-stop fun and practice is never boring!

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